Self Defense Key chain Bundle!!

The CaliGIRL edition!!!

So a lot of self defense tools may be considered weapons and aren’t allowed some places….. such as California. That doesn’t mean you can’t still keep yourself protected!!! So we’ve come up with the CaliGIRL Bundle edition with select items approved for most locations and travel.

This bundle includes a lanyard and pom puff, with an ‘equalizer’ Kitty knuckle key ring, a combo flashlight alarm, as well as a whistle. You’ll have the equalizer Kitty when push comes to shove, but the primary purpose of this bundle is to help get attention and potentially scare any would-be-attacker away - NOISE & ATTENTION!!

We’ll send the best possible looking combination, simply indicate your primary color choice and we’ll do the rest.

Compliance to local, state, and federal laws is the responsibility of the customer purchasing. A majority of our self defense items are intended for people 18+ unless otherwise noted.

It is the buyers responsibility, not the seller, to abide by and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the possession and use of any items offered by Kiss my Brass Defense or offered by a website linked to Kiss my Brass.

Kiss my Brass Defense is not responsible for any injuries sustained from any of our self defense items. Our tools are intended solely for self defense purposes.

    Lanyard Color