LED Foam Sticks ‘MERICA!! Flashing Glow Wands
  • LED Foam Sticks ‘MERICA!! Flashing Glow Wands

    These LED foam sticks are great alternatives to plastic lightsabers. We know kids like to sword fight with our plastic lightsabers and may get hurt sometimes, with these foam sticks they can sword fight all they want and nobody is going to get hurt due to their softness.

    -Kids will love them at their party events!

    -Ravers will love them for their next rave party!

    -Adults even love to play with them!

    -They are great to take to sports events, concerts, or any other night time events.

    Features & details

    🔥【Long Lasting Multi-Color LED Foam Sticks】 Each LED foam stick flashes green, blue, and red and comes with upgraded 3 batteries included for 8-10 hours of use. These will definitely last throughout your entire event!

    Or if you prefer all red or all blue - those are options too!

    🔥【3 Flashing Modes Easy to Use】 Simply pull the paper tab and press the on switch. Press the on switch again to switch between 3 flashing modes: fast flashing, slow flashing, or alternate flashing.

    🔥【Stunning Ambience】 Light up foam batons are a popular choice as party props, birthday favors for kids and wedding favors for guests. They create a stunning ambience and are loads of fun! As light sabers for kids, or rave glow toys – they bring tons of joy to the kid in all of us!

    🔥【Any Event】 LED foam sticks for concert, clubs, nightlife, raves, parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, promotions, and any other nighttime event!

    🔥【Quality Guarantee】 We strive to provide 100% satisfaction with these LED Foam Sticks. If you encounter any problems, please contact us and we will be available to help.