Meow Striker! Self Defense Ring
  • Meow Striker! Self Defense Ring

    Tell potential threats to scram with these cat defense rings. They can pack a punch in time of need while also showing unique style. The sleek, geometric aesthetic of these cat rings look chic, but they're designed to help offer a bit of extra help as a self-defense tool. Crafted from stainless steel and made by hand, the cat rings are intended to offer an enhanced sense of safety if trouble should occur.
    The pointy, geometric ears on the feline rings act as a way to inflict additional pain when throwing a punch. This allows wearers to ward off attackers quicker and get away faster.
    Available in either a silver, gold, or Gun metal black finish.
    Available in 2 sizes - Large & Small
    Amplifies the power of your punch
    Discreet functional design
    Ideal for solo travelers 
    Makes a great, useful gift