Streetwise SafeZone Motion activated Alarm w/Keypad
  • Streetwise SafeZone Motion activated Alarm w/Keypad

    This loud alarm can be heard up to 750 feet away, scaring away would-be intruders and alerting others. It has a large detection zone: 20 ft. long by 110 ft. wide. The unit mounts quickly with the included bracket and screws – no wires to run.
    Create your unique four-digit code, select chime or alarm mode, and the SafeZone alarm goes to work! No remote controls to deal with – simply share the code with whomever you like and change it whenever you like. Unit features a 30-second exit delay and a 10-second entry delay.
    Stores can use the chime mode to announce customers or families can use it to alert caregivers when children or the elderly persons enter unsafe areas. Low battery indicator ensures you will never be unprotected.
    Loud 120dB Siren
    20-foot detection range
    Quick and easy installation
    Contemporary design
    Unlimited uses
    Entry and exit delays
    Streetwise SafeZone Motion Alarm with Keypad
    Mounting bracket
    Mounting hardware